How well Mars settles in the current Dota 2 meta

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  The God of War and first child of heaven, Mars joined the Defense of the Ancestors last week and has since risen to be the game’s most popular hero. He is the No.1 pick of the week and holds a winning percentage of 51.47%. Let’s see his main role and the items purchased on the hero.

  When Valve introduces a new hero into the game it is completely normal to see it over and over again in each game. The players want to test their skills and experiment with the role, items, abilities, and talents.

  Since the day of arrival of Mars, the winning percentage of the hero has not stopped increasing, from 49.33% to the current 52.49%. In all ranks, from Crusader (1680-2400 mmr) to Divine (5040-5760 mmr) his winning percentage exceeds 50%, reaching 55.12% in Divine, which suggests that the hero is strong (like most of them when they arrive in the game) and the fact that a large percentage of the players still do not know his weak points.

  It is a fact that over time Mars will lose his charm when players know how and what heroes to play against him. But, a downward trend in terms of the selection percentage has already began, partly because many players choose to ban it in the hero selection phase. It started at 55.32% and in recent days has dropped to 36.91%.

  Mainly Mars is seen playing the role of “offlane” with a 71.42% presence in this lane and with a fairly good winning percentage of 53.22%, which indicates that he runs very well in this position. This is because of his primary attribute. He is a hero of strength and his abilities and talents are quite complementary to each other. It has a good range of attack as a melee hero also works well in the departments of, damage, control, and defense. Therefore, you cannot ask for more.

  Mars has also been seen as a popular pick in the safe lane, although with a percentage of victories that do not reach 50%. In the mid lane, although his pick rate is 12.43%, he holds an incredible win rate of 54.46 %.

  By taking the role of offlane Mars you can play aggressively as another core with damage items.

  You can choose Phase Boots or Power Boots to have more movement speed and damage. Next, most players buy a Blink Dagger to start and have more mobility, followed by Offensive items such as the Black King Bar, the Desolator, Satanic or Sange and Yasha, Mjollnir and Manta Style. Even an Armlet of Mordiggian or an early Battle Fury can work.


  But if the game requires it, Mars can also opt for items that help the other players on the team. The auras always come in handy. Arcane Boots to later transition to the Guardian’s Greaves is a good option. Also, items like the Vladmir Offering, Drums of Endurance, Crimson Guard, and Assault Currasis fit Mars perfectly.